Free iTune Gift Card Codes

25$, 50$ and 100$ iTunes Codes

If you own an iPhone, iPod Touch, or an iPad, Apple’s App Store would be no mystery to you. Apple’s App Store is an incredible library of games, apps, movies, and more, but its best experiences are often hidden behind a paywall. Not everyone can spring out the cash necessary for these, and here’s where these websites enter the frame.

At no cost, earn free iTunes gift card codes that will let you make purchases at Apple’s App Store. None of these methods are illegal, and yet they don’t charge you for the cards. All it takes is some time and effort to be in the right place at the right time!

Choose Your Gift Card

What Are iTunes Gift Cards?

These cards are your windows to access paid versions of apps and games, view movies, and listen to music across Apple’s vast array of services. You can often find these cards at all kinds of shops and you can purchase them digitally as well.

But you’ve read this far in the hope that you won’t have to pay for them, so fret not, there are solutions. There are legal ways of obtaining free iTunes gift card codes without survey.

How To Redeem iTunes Gift Cards

After you’ve got your iTunes gift card, enter the code in Apple’s App Store to access the amount from the Store. Ensure that you’ve signed in with your Apple ID before entering the code.

Now that you’ve transferred the amount, it is yours to spend as you wish. Progress in games or binge-watch movies, the choice is yours.

But before all that, if you want to earn iTunes gift cards at no cost, here’s how.

How To Earn Free iTunes Gift Card Codes

There are numerous ways to get yourself some free iTunes gift card codes. But be wary of the fraudsters and cons that will leech you of your money, privacy, and effort.

Take care to ensure that you only give your information to websites that can be trusted with them, and your efforts to those who will return your investment.

We’ve found some sites that have earned their steadfast reputation by allowing people to collect these cards and actually made good on their promises.

These sites let you earn points by performing simple tasks, such as trying a game or an app for a limited time, viewing advertisements, or filling surveys. Some offer better rewards than other tasks. Convert these points to free iTunes gift cards and reap the rewards.

Known as GPT (Get Paid To) sites, these websites let you perform minor tasks to earn gift cards and more. As mentioned earlier, stick to reliable and noteworthy sites. Some of the sites can scam you and pose risks of hacking too.


One of the best-known websites that reward its users for their efforts is Swagbucks. Earn free iTunes gift card codes by performing tasks as simple as downloading games or checking out advertisements from their sponsors.

Based on the tasks you complete, you earn points, and you can redeem them later for gift cards. They come in a variety of denominations and offer gift cards for other stores as well. Get a 10$ gift card for Apple’s App Store by earning 1000 points through the system.

iTunes reward

iTunes reward is another reputed website known for its reliable service and its rewards. A GPT website by nature, it is a great way to earn free iTunes gift cards by completing surveys and downloading apps.

You can win points based on these tasks and can later redeem them for free iTunes gift cards. A thousand points will net you a 10$ gift card for Apple’s App Store, which is a pretty good exchange rate.


Another site that works on the same principle as the sites mentioned above is PointsPrizes. Earn points via offer walls, survey routers, and video ads.

Some users have complained that it took them a while to receive their free iTunes gift card codes, so if you want to get your rewards right away, this isn’t your wish-making machine.

Now that you’ve found out how to earn your Apple Store credit from gift cards, here’s to discover a wide variety of games, apps, and more! Although it may take a while for one to get enough points, your perseverance will undoubtedly pay off!