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Get free Google Play gift cards no survey

Google’s Play Store is your ticket to countless apps, games, movies, music, and more. As a top-notch entertainment destination, not every experience they offer can be attained for free. And yet, not everyone would wish to spend top-dollar on those experiences. That’s where these tips come in.

Here’s your chance to obtain Google Play gift cards at absolutely no cost. These aren’t illegal but won’t cost a dime either.

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What Are Google Play Gift Cards?

These cards let you experience paid versions of apps, games, and more across Google’s suite of apps, at no cost. These can be purchased online or at retailers near you, but you wouldn’t be here if you wanted to buy them.

Fortunately, there are perfectly legal ways to earn free Google Play Gift Codes without survey.

How Can I Redeem Google Play Gift Cards?

Once you’ve got yourself a brand new Google Play gift card, all you have to do is enter the code in the Play Store to add the amount into your Store credit. But before you do so, ensure that you add the amount to the right account with your credentials.

After this, you can use it as you please, to play that game you’ve always wanted to, or rent a couple of movies and binge through them. Head to the next section to find out how to earn your own Google Play store credit.

Steps To Earn Free Google Play Gift Cards

There are several ways to earn some Google Play Store credit for yourself. But at the same time, some countless frauds and websites will con you out of your time and sometimes your hard-earned cash as well. So proceed with caution with sites that promise free Google Play gift cards at no cost or effort.

We’ve listed out some sites that have garnered a reputation for standing by their promises and granting users the opportunity to earn these cards.

One can earn points on these websites by performing a variety of tasks, from using a particular app or service for a stipulated amount of time to view videos and ads. Some tasks may take longer than others and may promise more points that can be converted into Google Play gift cards.

These websites are known as GPT (Get Paid To) sites, where you can earn by accomplishing several minor tasks. While some of them aren’t legit, many of them have earned their reputation over years of giving gift cards to those who earn them.


One such website is PayPrizes. Earn free Google Play gift cards by completing an assortment of tasks they have on display. These can vary from downloading apps or watching advertisements.

Spend some of your time and reap the rewards. Depending on the task, you will be allotted points, points that can be used to get Google Play gift cards. They come in a range of denominations, but the minimum is $10, which can be attained by earning 1000 points.

This card is your gateway to anything you might way to purchase from the Play Store. PayPrizes is a website known for its rewards, where you can easily earn points to earn your gift cards.


Here’s another website that lets you earn free Google Play gift cards. Just like PayPrizes, 1000 points on its platform will let you earn a $10 Google Play gift card, at no extra cost.

GPlayReward offers several other denominations as well and offers adwalls, survey routers, and other forms of earning points. Also, they give you daily bonuses as well, points that you earn on logging into the service every day.

Google Opinion Rewards

One of the most popular ways of earning Play Store credit from Google themselves is by signing up for Google Opinion Rewards. Generally, you can complete surveys sent by the Google survey team via the app to earn rewards. For example, you can earn up to $1 on each survey that you finish.

But the supply might not be up to your tastes. Sometimes, you may only gain access to a single survey a week, while you may receive several more the next week.

Here’s to earning your very own free Google Play gift codes and downloading your favorite games, apps, and more!